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Are you a new student?

New Student Check List

Welcome to

High School sector of Pre-Uni New College.


Steps to Success in your First Year:

Take the plunge and get started on the right foot by checking out the New Students Checklist,

it will keep you on track.

What Student Services we provide:

ID & Password

Grab your unique Pre-Uni student ID and password from the admin office and begin your journey here.

Why not start experiencing our high school website using your student ID &Password by reviewing our term timetable and academic news, asking questions in Q&A or joining students’ forum.

Shuttle Bus

We offer free shuttle bus service for students from Strathfield station. You

can call 97461400 to be picked up.

Make up Classes

Miss your classes? Don’t worry! Come and check out our timetable. Try to arrange a make up to catch up.

Self Study Room

Students who happen to come early for tutoring or want to stay late for reading.

What do you need to do:


Have you...

Bring necessary equipment and materials to class (pens, rulers, calculators, WEMS folder).

Be on time to classes and tutorials.

Communicate with the teachers, tutors and fellow students in a respectful, responsible manner.

Follow your teachers' and tutor's instructions.


Submitting homework is compulsory.

Please attempt all questions, and be punctual when handing in.



Term tests usually fall around weeks 8 and 9 of the Term during the class time.

One to One Tutoring