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Frequently Asked Questions


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General Why choose us? What makes Pre-Uni special?



Pre Uni New College tries to guarantee several key factors which determine a student’s scholastic performance: understanding, application and confidence
Application skills should be enhanced through classes and tutorials, which are then built on by allowing students to tackle different types of problems and apply the theories and techniques they have been taught. Maths and Science courses focus on problem solving, as teachers show students different techniques and give helpful hints to help students systematically apply what they have learnt. Weekly Mathematic Quizzes and Term Tests ensure all the students get a chance to concentrate on problem solving and exam techniques. English and Essay Writing courses focus on comprehension, essay writing and critical thinking skills, as students are taught to apply their knowledge logically and systematically, while also allowing for creativity in writing tasks and stressing the need for good spelling and grammar.
When a student fully understands the work and is skilled in the application of their knowledge, confidence is a natural outcome. This then means that students will have no trouble understanding their high school work because they are equipped with the necessary skills.



General What are your teachers like?



Teachers at Pre Uni are all accredited, current school teachers with experience in their fields of expertise. They are selected on the basis of their qualifications and experience, as well as their ability to communicate well with students.



General Do you provide homework and homework help?



Yes, homework is provided each week to the students. Materials are designed and reviewed by qualified assessors.



General How do I know the students’ progress?



We provide feedback calling for all students who attend Pre-Uni. In addition to this, parents are always welcome to come in and enquire about their child’s progress. They may speak to the teachers or the tutors if they wish to discuss further about how to help their child improve.



General What is the fee? How can I pay for it?



Please check the timetable for the price list. We can accept cash, eftos and credit card payment. All credit card payments will incur a surcharge of 1.5%.



General How can I enrol?



Students applying must fill out an Enrolment Form of Personal and Academic Details including Student Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Contact Telephone Number, Postal Address, E-mail Address, Name of School currently attending and signature. This must be filled out by either parent or guardian. A Student ID will be assigned, and the applying student will then sit for an Entrance Test. Based on the test results, accepted students can then choose the programme and process the payment.



General Do you have different programmes for different levels of students?



Yes. We provide WEMS (Writing/English/Maths/Science) programme for average year 7-10 students, and Elite programme is specially designed for those outstanding selective high school students.



General Do you provide any trial lesson?



Yes. If you would like to join a Class to experience the service before making too much of a commitment then, you can just pay only 1 lesson fee to make a booking for our trial lesson.



General Do I need to sit for an entrance test?



Yes, there are entrance tests (English & Maths) provided for all students who wish to study at Pre-Uni. However selective high school students do not need to take the entrance exam.



General How can I receive scholarship discount?



There are Scholarships available for students based on their Term Test results (such as those in the top ten). These scholarship discount sizes vary (15%, 25%, 50%, etc.) For year 7 students they will get scholarship based on the selective high school test results.