Yr 7 WEMS Course


The Year 7 WEMS (Writing, English, Mathematics and Science) Course will aid Year 7 students to build

a strong foundation of skills for each of the critical areas of high school learning.


Course Structure

Subjects Essay Writing, English, Mathematics, Science
Teaching Method Lecture and discussion
Duration 1 hour each subject
Taught by Teachers
  • > Use audio-visual equipment and resources to teach key concepts aligned with tutorials

> Discussion time with students

> These sessions are designed to help students assimilate content and develop understanding of key concepts

> Term tests conducting and reviewing

Maximum numbers 15 - 20 per class
Who should enrol Students of all confidence levels


Course Topic Plan


Subject Description



This subject aims to develop the student’s writing abilities to display sophisticated understanding in a variety of text types and styles for each subject material. The HSC examination will mainly focus on the quality of the students’ writing answers.

This subject creates a foundation for students to build confidence and apply their knowledge accurately both in school and HSC exams. This will help familiarise them with different text types and writing styles, so they are prepared and experienced in a range of exam questions.


This subject aims to assist students in using, understanding, appreciating and reflecting on the English language in a variety of texts and to shape meaning in ways that are imaginative, interpretive, critical and powerful.

Students will think critically and interpretively about information, ideas and arguments to respond to texts. Students are required to improve their ability to express their knowledge in further complex applications in preparation for the HSC.


This subject aims to develop students’ mathematical thinking, understanding, competence and confidence in the application of mathematics, as well as engage their enjoyment and appreciation of the subject.

Subject is designed to support students with learning, understanding and applying the course content, making sure that they are fully confident in comprehending the materials at school.


This subject aims to support students in developing their understanding of the complex nature of Science, and its application to furthering the body of knowledge..

In this subject, it is essential for students to build a strong foundation in this subject, in order to pursue future Science subjects in the HSC and successfully achieve higher marks in school.