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About Us

Our Value
"Short-Cut" strategies
"Short-cut" strategies in taking exams in the context of techniques explained and modelled by our outstanding tutors in all subjects.
Term Tests
Term Tests at the end of each term for our students to review their understanding of course materials and have an opportunity to identify areas where improvement is required.
Highly qualified tutors
Highly qualified tutors will conduct Mathematics tutorial classes and mock H.S.C exams during their seminar courses to allow the students to familiarise themselves with the exam format and time restraints before the actual exam.
Professional teachers
Professional teachers who have long teaching experiences in Australia and marked HSC actual HSC exam will conduct lesson class.
Materials are reviewed and certified by our qualified teachers and markers to better prepare year 6/ 7 – 12 students for the upcoming challenges of both school materials & examinations.
Review System
Review System is conducted under a strict and precise assessment procedure to generate a profile for each student’s progress up until year 10.
Feedback to both our students and parents throughout each term, based on the student’s mark to properly integrate them into our system.
Monitor and report
Monitor and report all marks including student’s final term test grades to parents for proper guidance and support of their child.